Friday, December 7, 2007

Taffy returns to the North Pole

Last night Taffy had to return home for emergency surgery!!! Santa picked him up and let us know that Taffy was in the hospital and will be gone for a few days. WE sure hope all is well and will send him a get well email tomorrow morning!!! WE MISS YOU TAFFY!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007


Our elves had an exciting first day here in our home!!

First the introductions.... Our new elves came with a first name, receive my boys' last name, and get a middle name courtesy of my boys. So our new family members are Taffy(no middle name yet-my son apparently doesn't want to use HIS middle name like his brothers did), Tandy Jordan, and Rishi George!!!

Taffy, Tandy, and Rishi have been very excited. My boys showed them around the house, we took them to work with us, and after work we went to the town parade!!! Taffy, Tandy, and Rishi were able to signal to Santa that all was alright before Santa headed back off to the North Pole!!!

Last night the elves took it a little easy on Mommy. They left some cracker crumbs behind, they climbed all over the chairs, and one was even found on the vacuum handle. Taffy must have wanted to clean up his mess until someone woke up and he turned back into a doll!!! Oh well, it's the thought that counts.

Today we took the elves to church and to religion class!! We will also take them later on to help clean the church and then to my job again.