Friday, February 29, 2008

The Final days of February

So normally the 28th is the last day of February but this is Leap Year and we get to end on 29. YEAH!!!! Anyway Last night I was too tired to stay on the computer so I did not post and I am a little tired tonight also but wanted to make sure I posted tonight!! I promise to do better in March!!!

Thursday 28 Feb. 2008- Well it was my 14th straight day of working with Valentine's day being the last day I had off. And I wonder why I was sooo tired??? lol!! It was another COLD night here in Florida and my DS9's practice was 7-8:30 @ night. So again I was the "rockin' momma" when I showed up with a big keg of hot water, cups, and hot cocoa packets!!! They had a scrimmage game with another team and we won. I was concerned that my son didn't swing at any of the pitches and struck out looking. It is not like him to do that so I think the cold affected him. We will have to work with him a little harder!!!

Friday 29 Feb. 2008- Leap day and finally a day off...yeah!!! Today I vegged in bed after I dropped the kids off to school. After I picked them up I went to pick up my paycheck to notice I was shorted $120. I went back in to only find out I was going to have to come back later to pick up another check when they can find someone to sign it....aggghh!!! So after I went back and picked up the check off to the bank I went. Then afterwards we visited my Aunt at her store and dropped off grocery bags for her to use. I picked up some groceries and a box filled with 75 juice boxes for just $17 (5 boxes of cereal, 200 baking cups, pumpkin pie filling, evaporated milk, corkscrew pasta, 2 bags animal crackers, cinnamon honey grahams, a timer, and light bulbs)...gotta love shopping at my Aunt's

"Date" update- I did not see my friend since but I think my work and his school/work schedule conflict and I am not working at that job this weekend SOOO not sure if it would be happening anyway!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bring on the freeze....

Tonight it is expected to hit below 30 which is VERY COLD for Florida!!! As soon as the sun fell tonight, while we were on the baseball field, so did the temperature. Thank god I am a rockin' momma and I brought hot water, cocoa, cups, and spoons to warm up all those little baseball players. Two parents even dropped their kids off in just a t-shirt and shorts. I was mortified!!! Who does that? Then one parent who did that later showed up with pants and a big coat all bundled up. I felt like saying how about doing the same for your son...ughhh!!!

I spent today setting up my calendar of things by adding in my March work schedule, the baseball schedule, and my doctor appointments!! I also called and made some dental appointments for me and the boys. Now the only thing left is to make my vision appointment and I will be all set!!!! It felt good to complete my MArch calendar of events so far....oh I forgot that I also labeled GP, Rudy, and Turkey days!!! But like I said it was great to look at it!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thunderstorms. Lightning, Tornado watches....

And electricity going in and out...What a day we had today!!!! No we were not part of the BIG BLACKOUT down South but did have our electric go in and out during our storms late afternoon today!! I received my work schedule and I am working about 3 days a week on average and she split the shifts in 2 instead of 3. So I will work a 7 or 6 hour shift each time. She of course messed up ONE shift for me..she scheduled me on Saturday night on the 22nd. First I can't work Saturday nights because I clean the church PLUS it is my birthday so I got hit in a double whammy!!! Hopefully I can do some switch a roos with some coworkers but the way they have been behaving who knows!!! I will keep my fingers crossed and see what happens!!!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Happy Rudy Day

As much as I would normally write about what things I did today for Rudy Day I have some personal thoughts I need to let out today.

Today I was asked out by a YOUNGER gentleman to a dance/party. He knows I have 3 boys and has seen them a few times while they were with me at work. He is a resident at the apartment facility I work for and I don't think there is a policy about not dating residents so that is not the issue. PLUS I don't know my March work schedule yet so I might be working that night anyways. BUT if I am off from work I have a BIG decision to make. I am not sure I am ready to "date" again is my first issue. Then there is the approximate 8-9 year age difference with me being the OLDER one...yikes!!! He is from Venezuela, he works and goes to school. He is very nice and he usually comes in to the gym to visit and talk ALOT more than he comes in to "use the gym". This is going to be a hefty decision to make but I am kind of hoping that my boss scheduled me so the decision is made for It is avery scary thought and I know it is just a date but I am an old fashioned kind of gal who doesn't want to casual date my life away. If I date it is something I think can go somewhere and I am not sure a 23/24 year old is ready to be a "stepdad" to my already 9 y.o. and 7 y.o. twins if you know what I mean. AND I am not so sure I am ready to date a much younger guy. Isn't that supposed to happen during the mid life crisis era when I would want a younger guy???!!!

Anyway it feels to good to be asked out to a dance but I seriously don't think I am ready for it!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

February's FINAL Weekend 2008

Ok now I have four more days of work to complete my 14 days of work streak....Can't wait til Friday!!! So yes you will have to forgive me because this was a VERY busy weekend for me between putting in extra hours at one job, still working my second job, AND missing my boys terribly while they had a fun filled weekend in Tampa.

Saturday began with a soaking...yes you read that right a SOAKING!!! It was pouring out complete with lightning and thunder when I had to leave for work in the morning. By the time I sat in my car my pants were suctioned to my legs and water was pouring down my face as I tried to wipe it off with the now sopping wet sleeve of my fleece jacket. And I had to work seven hours in these wet clothes because the entrance way to my gym was flooded so my pants were soaked at the half way point between my feet and my knees. So when I say a soaking believe me it was!!!! After I came home I rested a little while and then went out to dinner at IHOP with my dad, aunt, and uncle!! Then went from IHOP to the church to clean!!

Sunday began with church, cleaning the church, and a fabulous breakfast at my grandfather's. Poppop's famous waffles were ready and waiting for me when I walked in the door. My Poppop even buttered, syruped, and cut them before I came in...I love him!!! The only thing I had to do was pour on the applesauce!!! Afterwards we went through one of the closets in the spare bedroom. My grandmother hadso much stuff but I found LOTS of new binders and I am VERY Anyway I ran out of time and had to leave so I can do the final church cleaning. From there I went to my other job and waited for my boys to arrive. I was sooo excited to see them and they had LOTS of goodies from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays ball club. My poor Travis was sick all weekend but is doing ok tonight. I gave him some cough meds and he didn't have a fever anymore so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy morning because he has perfect attendance right now!!! There has been lots more but I will write more tomorrow!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday the 22nd of February!!!

Well another work day but more like a work Today I baked 4 sweet potatoes to have over this weekend while at work and with dinner. I finished most of my laundry (except the bedding) and packed my kids for the weekend with their Grandma and Aunt from NY who are visiting. They will be in Tampa at their Great Aunts condo. I am a little nervous and scared considering my ex MIL tried to fly my kids to NY without my permission around the holidays despite the fact that I told her in October that they were not going. I can't deny the kids and I can't deny my ex SIL, I trust her, it is her mom I am not trusting right now. So right now I am missing my boys but I know they will have a fun weekend and I believe they are going to meet the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball team because my SIL has a high school friend who works for them!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Okay, I am a little behind but here I go....

Tuesday the 19th- Well let's begin with another day at work. Don't get me wrong glad I am still working but man I can't wait for Leap Day to get Ronnie had a VERY COLD baseball practice which left me wanting to crawl in my blanket and go to bed....I missed being in chat!!

Wednesday the 20th- Let's see I started off the day at work of course but knew that there was going to be a lunar eclipse and I was babysitting my nephew that I haven't seen since Christmas!!! Well although I did see the lunar eclipse before going to bed, I received a call from my nephews mommy during baseball practice and it was not good news for me. Apparently my brother was in his mad rage and refused to bring the baby to me and to take her to her class. I tried reasoning with my brother but he said some not so nice words and hung up on me. Of course as part of his control I couldn't get back into contact with my brother's girlfriend because he broke her cell phone (again) and she had called me originally on his phone which he now of course is not answering....ughh AND to top it all off I found out from my OTHER brother that supposedly the baby grabbed my brother's (his dad's) cigareete and burned his hand in between his fingers. So I guess he needed to find a reason to NOT let me see my nephew because he knows I will be all over his $hit!!!

Thursday the 21st- OMG can you believe February will be over next friday???? Today was the first of the four days straight of my LONGER shifts at work. It went well even though it rained. I still can't get my brother to answer his phone but when he needs something I know he will eventually call and he will have to be ready to bring me my baby....hehe. So like I said it has been raining today and we did not get a cancellation call so I drive ALL the way to practice to show up and see no one there. Another mom was there and she said she didn't receive a phone call either. What pisses me off most is that with the cost of gas, this was a waste of money and miles on my car....uggghh So since practice was cancelled my son and I stoped off at the grocery store and picked up whole chickens on sale for 69 cents a pound. They only had 2 left so in the cart they went YEAH!!!! I will cook them up this weekend and tear the chicken off, bag them and freeze for dinner next week!!!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday the 18th

Today was day 4 of my 14 days of work before my next day off (Leap Day). Today was a good day at work and the boys had a good baseball practice. I am watching the end of Dance Wars and now I am going back to the chat room before they miss me too!!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday February 17th!!!

Well despite having a bad day at church today...uggghh I enjoyed another day off from my main job!!! But I know that starting tomorrow I am working everyday til Leap day. Dale Jr. finished in 9th place at Daytona which was a bummer for me but at least he made the top 10!!

I also went to our storage unit to pick up a few things of mine and the boys to see that my brother just threw things to the back of the unit. Everything was tossed to the back and when I sifted through half of it I came across one of my boxes with dishes and heard little pieces fall. Half of my dishes were day was challenging but it did not defeat me!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Crockpot Day

Well considering I am off this weekend from my main job I decided to make the To Die For Crockpot Roast and the Pumpkin Pie Pudding TTR recipes!!! Everything came out wonderful!! I called my grandfather this morning to let him know I was bringing over dinner and he said he was working on the bathroom today. And boy did he...when I arrived he had put down new tiles in the toilet/shower area and was working on the sink area next. So it was the perfect night to bring him dinner!!!

My grandfather, father, aunt, me, and the boys enjoyed the roast with roasted red potatoes, creamed spinach, and shoepeg corn. I even was able to get two of my boys to have it with gravy...which is incredible and the third stuck with his ketchup!!

The Pumpkin Pie pudding is simply pumpkin pie WITHOUT the crust!! We served it with cool whip and ice cream...very good also!!! Next time I will double the recipe!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday the Fifteenth!!!

What a day!!! I was able to get all my laundry done except for our clothes worn today which I will wash with the kids coats tomorrow!!! I worked the night shift which was pretty quiet tonight. I cleaned most of my kitchen counters and can't wait to attack the cabinets tomorrow!! My day was good and I think these B-12 vitamins are definitely helping my energy level return to what it was.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Okay I am on a roll with this....

well Today is Valentines Day- a day of romance and love. I don't have the romance in my life (and not looking for it) but I have LOTS of love from my three sons!!! They are my heart, without them my heart would not beat with happiness!!! Today we had dinner together before baseball. I made English muffin pizzas and when the kids found out I made them they came running over and hugged me and said "you're the best mommy ever" and those little moments are the memorable ones!!! Imagine English Muffin Pizzas doing all

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!!!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

February Great Pumpkin Day 2008

Yes that day has come around again and I didn't get much done as far as GP day goes. BUT remember last night I wrote about a coworker who is not so nice well my boss has finally opened her eyes to this girl and I wound up gaining MORE work hours AND my boss is ready to basically either CUT this girl from the schedule or ONLY give her like 2 days a week!!! This girl tried her hardest to either slowly get rid of me or quickly have me fired. I am soooo glad my boss has finally realized that it is not ME who is causing the problems it is the other girl. I feel like a big glob of ugliness has been scraped off my back and now I can stand proudly!!!!

Tomorrow I go in for a sonogram to be tested for PCOS which my little sister has. I have to fill up my bladder with 32 ounces of water an hour before my appointment which is 8:30 in the morning. How the heck am I going to drink 2 bottles of water before 7:30 in the morning....accckkk!!! I know I can do it and of course I have to but still next time I am scheduling my appointment later than that if I have to drink and hold that much AND worse yet it is dropping to the 30's here in Florida tonight so you know the second I walk out my front door and hit that cold air I am going to want to pee REAL BAD!!!!!!!

And last and sadly I did not get to watch my nephew tonight :( The mommy realized that her class is next Wednesday instead of tonight....oh well I'll have to wait a week to see him!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ginger it's 8:30 and I'm

Okay so today I had to work from 8-12 and deal with the not so cooperative coworker who decided to come in and workout before she relieved me from my shift. She is sooo nasty but I don't want to let her negativity get the best of me. Best of all the "what goes around comes around" theory has definitely worked for me this week. My 3 "lovely" coworkers tried cutting back my hours so that they gain the hours and now my boss revamped the February schedule for the next 2 weeks and not only have I been given the respect I deserve but she changed my shift from 8-12 to 8-1 so now I have the ONLY 5 hour shift each weekday and they all split the 4 hour shifts.....I couldn't be happier!!!! Now I will keep my fingers crossed for the March schedule!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Getting Back on Track

Okay Ginger this will be done before 10 pm tonight, heck maybe before

Now that baseball season has begun for another season my boys and I have to get back on track. This is the hardest time to keep up with a regular routine. I am promising myself and my boys to do my best to keep us on track and not get reckless with take out food and rushing out the door. This will be a hard habit to break BUT I am completely ready and willing to try!!! My boys and I are worth it!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Okay I was a BAD girl Ginger!!!

I missed my Daily Write for February 7th, 8th, and 9th!!! BAD GIRL BAD GIRL!!!! So here is a quick review: Thursday night (the 7th) after baseball practice I was quite exhausted and went straight to my room after the boys were all in bed!! Friday (the 8th)well that was my Ladies' Night and boy was it scrumptious!! I had blueberry martini's which are my new fave I have to look up how to make!! And Last night (the 9th) well after cleaning the church, hurting my back, and having lack of sleep because I was out til almost 2 in the morning for Ladies night I simply came home and went straight to bed.

Today my back is still hurting. I think I have a pinched nerve or a pulled muscle or something. Last time this happened it took about a week to recover so I am not happy about this!! My work hours have changed at my job so now I am off every other weekend and work 8-3 on Saturdays and 3-9 on Sundays on the weekends that I do work. This is the first new weekend working cycle for me and I am currently at work til 9 tonight!!! I just finished reviewing the sale ads and trying to figure out the menu while factoring in baseball practices and school meetings which changes up "cooking"time!!! I have a feeling my crockpot will be used quite often this baseball season!!! I am off from work tomorrow so I hope to accomplish any necessary food shopping and get dinner started early because we have a school meeting at 5 and baseball practice from 5:30-7:00 so we must eat by 4:30 tomorrow and maybe pack a snack for while at baseball pratice. I am trying to get the boys to eat more "veggies" so I might pack celery with peanut butter for their snack!! Anyways...hehe I am off to find some more crockpot family compatible recipes online and hopefully get to catch some of my friends in the chat room tonight since I haven't been there since Wednesday night!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tagged in my Daily Challenge

Okay Ginger now you have made my daily challenge easy Ginger has tagged me so now I have to name 7 weird or random facts about myself and find 7 people. Do I die if I don't have 7 Anyway here it goes

1- I always wanted to have a girl
2- I was a big tomboy when I was younger
3- I sometimes worry too much but don't show it
4- I feel lost here in FL and wish I could be back home in NY
5- I have no motivation to lose the weight I gained
6- I am a little bit of a packrat but getting better
7- Some slow songs make me cry...

I will do my tagging tomorrow since I have to find people to guys are the only bloggers I know...acckkk

You have all been are the rules:THE RULES:
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person that tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3.Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fifth of February/Super Tuesday

This is take #3...if I get another problem with this post Gingerbug I will cry!!!

Today is Super Tuesday which is an exciting day for me. I enjoy watching the political process unfold with a good old fashioned vote. The parties both have tight races which makes it EVEN more exciting. I can't wait for all the final results.

On a lighter note Ronnie had his first baseball practice tonight. He was the smallest player there but showed them what a big force he He has such a natural talent and most of all has the heart and spirit for it. I can't begin to say how proud I am of him. His team is the Rangers and the twins team is the Pirates. I hope they have a fun filled season!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Fourth of February

What a day!! My third and final child woke up early this morning and was sick all over the hallway carpet following the same unfortunate cold his brothers had in each of the two previous nights. Today was his first absence from school and it was the 100th day of school celebrations today. My poor Trevor. He slept until 1:42 pm and slept atop a pillow on the floor. I tried waking him up a few times to go in his bed and he just looked up at me, grabbed the blanket, and rolled

I finally heard from my oldest son's coach and his practice days are opposite the twins which means I have to travel to the ball fields every Monday-Thursday-there goes my gas So tomorrow I will FINALLY meet Ronnie's new coach and new team members. I also found out that Ronnie during tryouts scored very high in points and one of the first ones wonderful. He is 9 yrs old but the same size as his 7 yr old brothers so to be the smallest kid out there with a bunch of 9 and 10 yr olds and perform so well makes him feel great (and Momma proud...hehe)!! So be prepared I will be writing about his team and practice tomorrow but later on at night because practice is from 7-8:30 pm. He is sooo excited as am I ....yeah!!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Writing Daily 2008 Challenge

Gingerbug is at it again at MHH ( . She is challenging us to write a little something everyday and I am crazy enough to join in on the challenge!! So today I am still recooperating from my cold that began on Wednesday (4 days ago) and watching the Giants play in the Superbowl !!!!

Baseball season is about to begin for my boys with ther first games scheduled March 3rd and an Open House event on March 1st. We began practices with my twins team but haven't heard from my older son's coach yet so I don't know when his practices will be held yet. We absolutely LOVE baseball and to see my boys play baseball is even more exciting!!! The only downfall is that our weeknights are generally consumed and our dinners become less healthy with take outs and stadium foods!!! I am going to try my hardest to set up crockpot meals that the kids will eat. Being that my boys are sooo picky I don't know how successful it will be BUT at least I will try. I also want to set up snack bags with carrots and celery(with peanut butter) for them to snack on when they are on the bench!!! Wish me luck this season!!!