Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Test it, Taste it, Rate it 2008!!!

Wow can you believe another year has gone by SO quickly? Well as we all begin to prepare to Jumpstart into January we tend to reflect on what we didn't get done and would like to get done in the new year!! For some of us it includes downsizing, organizing, and budgeting. When I started to organize I realized I was left with PILES of recipes that have never been tried and I know I am NOT alone. So this year kicks off the first ever (voted by our members) Test it, Taste it, Rate it (TTR) Challenge At the end of each year we are graced with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. So we delegate a day for each month to bring us closer to our goals.

GREAT PUMPKIN DAY (GPD) is celebrated on the "last day" (30th or 31st) of each month.
TURKEY DAY (TD) is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of each month.
RUDOLPH DAY (RD) is celebrated on the 25th of each month.

These days have become our Test it, Test it, Rate it Days!! Being that all three of them generally fall within the same week I have chosen the 13th as "my" GPD (31 backwards and spooky superstition This way I can break up my month a little easier budget wise with ingredients. Each month will feature a category of recipes. Three recipes will be featured that fit that particular category. The monthly categories featured will be as follows:
January- Main Dishes
February- Crockpot
October-Freezer meals

All recipes will be posted on the FIRST of the month in HOLIDAY COOKING so you have time to plan and prepare any or all of the recipes. If there are any particuar recipes you want to try in any of these categories please PM me so we can do our best to incorporate them. Always make sure to credit the original source of any recipe shared here at MHH.After we are done with the recipe we will be sharing what we thought in a Tested, Tasted, Rated post each month throughout the year!!! I look forward to a MAGICAL and GREAT 2008 with all of you!!!

2007 in a Nutshell!!

Ronnie turned 8 in January, I turned 31 in March, and the twins turned 7 last friday and that's just the start. The boys played baseball and did very well. Ronnie made allstars but in the tournament they fell. Baseball season came again in the fall,Ronnie moved up to the minors and played real baseball. Trevor and Travis had a graduation from Kindergarten and boy are they smart, they were top of their class complete with gold tassels, what a great start!!Then August came and moved up they did, from first grade and third went my three kids.The first of December came around with new friends-our elves Taffy, Tandy, and Rishi arrived in a little red sled!! They came from the North Pole and had a long flight and we wake up each morning with a mischievous delight. They climb on our counters and bring us little gifts, On Christmas Eve they leave with the jolly St. Nick. So as you can see our lives have been filled with fun, Merry Christmas to your family each and everyone!!